Mixing & Matching 


Summer days are my favorite! I enjoy being out, cold drinks and great company. Last Sunday, I spent it at the pool with my family. 

& there is not pool party without my favorite drink ever, Pepsi.   


I’m very specific when I purchase jewelry. I have to make sure I can wear it many times and where ever I go. Not because we are talking about my very own jewelry line, but I find it so amazing when I can wear my accessories even to the pool. 


Let’s talk about mixing and matching. Palm trees print is very popular this summer. I purchased this top about 3 months ago from H&M before the palm tree fever started. I only had a change to wear it once as well as this bottom from Forever 21 I wore to my cruise to Bahamas with my boyfriend. This summer I only had a chance to purchase 2 new bathing suits and it’s because I have so many!! &I I always re-wear them many different ways by mixing them, I didn’t think it was necessary to get anymore. This is one of my favorite combination so far. I’m a big fan of royal blue and this high waisted bottom is extremely comfortable. 

I hope I inspire you to go and look thru the bathing suit pieces you already have and start creating new looks by mixing and matching them. 

 Wearing: top H&M, bottom & hat forever21, jewelry Elishel, sunnies Aldo. 

Kisses & hugs,

Trish ❤️


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  1. I loved this palm print pattern this recent bikini season. Sadly, my boobs look non-existent in the top – lol. I still bought it though. And I completely agree, I love to buy bikini pieces that can be mixed and matched with ease.


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