Sometimes You Have to Let Go.


Hello my lovely readers. For those of you that follow me on Instagram @trishtrinidad, probably remember me posting a photo and saying how of stressful weeks I was having. Oh well, here I am ready to explain the reason of my stress.

I am the type of person that like everything clear, I am extremely honest and very open in every subject. Therefore, I feel like is very necessary to express the things I have been dealing with the past few years because it might help others. A lot of you guys know I was a fashion student and now a fashion school graduate. It was very stressful but yet the best decision I’ve ever made. While completing my last year in college, I found a job which at that point was the perfect job to gain experience while in college. I thought! It turned out to be the most stressful job I’ve ever had but yet I enjoyed being there so much because of the ability to create and show my talent. That job caused me quitting a part time job I used to love with a passion and also forget and put on the side my ultimate goals. You are probably wondering what kind of job was that. I was a visual merchandiser and then a lead stylist for the same company. It is so sad when a job take all of your time and does not leave you space to do some more.

It was a constant struggle in finding time to follow my dreams and start building my brand. The job used to take all my time and only leave a little bit of energy to just seat in bed and do absolutity nothing. As the days past by the constantly changing schedule was draining me, I was loosing weight, not eating healthy, forgetting about my dreams and at some point not even taking care of how I dressed, how my hair looked, if my nails were done, none of the stuff that a person should be taking care of.

I loved what I did, but it only gave me time for only that, make someone else rich. It got to a point where I started wasting time seeing others follow their dreams and I was just there seeing how they did it. I was not that type of person before that job. Thank God, I saw the light. Things started to get really bad at the work place, people making the wrong decision, making others overwork, not appreciating the employee. That was the best thing that happen, It gave me the strength to walk away from a job that was taking all my creativity, all my energy and not leaving room for what I really wanted in life.

Many of you can relate to my situation, also are probably struggling in making the decision of following your dream or  finding a place that help you do that. It might be scary to leave a job that takes all of you, reasons are because of money. I am not saying leave your job and stay broke. But there are other companies that you can work for and also have time and energy to work in your dreams.

Owning a business has always being my dream. A few weeks ago a family member that I love with all my heart because she has never ever stop believing in me and an amazing human contacted me with the offer of starting the business we have dreamed of. I did not think about it twice and said yes!!!! A few days later we purchased the tickets and days after we landed in New York. We had the idea clear so everything was easier. Those days were tiring but so rewarding. I was getting exhausted doing what I really wanted for myself and not someone else.

The online store will launch very soon. We are starting with jewerly but there is so much more to come and I can not wait!!!! @elishelnewyork .

Here are some photos we took for the website. We had so much fun!!! It is a dream come true.

Kiss & hugs,


IMG_1871 IMG_1879 IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1886 IMG_1888

I LOVE YOU with all my heart auntie Elizabeth and thank you SO much for believing in me and my brother.


Forever21 shirt & hat

thrifted shorts

 @elishelnewyork jewelry 

Ray-ban sunglasses


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