February Favorites


I love trying new things. But let’s be honest, I always, and when I say I ALWAYS do my research before purchasing something.
This month I decided to treat myself to a few pretty things.

BOOK. I am a huge fan of reading and those who know me very well know that there is always going to be a book inside my purse, even if it takes me a few days after purchasing to read it. I love fashion books and also those with a lot of motivational quotes. This month I am obsessed with “STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST” from Austin Kleon. I highly recommend. Is the perfect book to get you motivate and encourage you to create something. I got mine from Amazon. I get most of my books from there.

NAIL POLISH: I love having my nails painted but it is so difficult to keep them looking pretty due to my job! I’m a visual stylist which mean I’m dressing mannequin all day and lifting things and moving things around which cause my nail polish to chip all the time. I saw that Sally Hansen came out with their new Miracle Gel nail polish and I decided to go for it. It’s working perfectly for me. It was less than $10 at Walgreens.

IPHONE 6 PLUS: I’m not a big fan of phones, but I’m a big fan of photography and fashion. For many month I have been thinking about purchasing a new phone but because I have tiny hands I never thought about getting the iPhone 6 plus until my boyfriend convinced me. Let me tell you, I’m extremely in love with this device. Is perfect for us fashion, photography, reading lovers. Seriously, great job Apple!

RINGS= I wear them every single day, specially the beautiful promise ring my boyfriend got me for our first year anniversary. I love things with meaning and that is definitely something I’m proud of wearing everyday. The other rings I got it from Elizabeth Accessories. Make sure you guys check out her Instagram. She’s based in New York and most of my jewelry is from her store. @elizabethaccessoriess

EARRINGS: I’m not a big lover of earrings. I’m more of a necklaces and rings person but since I put my hair up almost everyday for work I figure I need to start wearing cute earrings. I found this ones at forever 21 and oh! I’m in love.

BOOTS: This are the most comfy booties ever. Even though they have a little heel I can truly say that they are extremely comfortable. I worm them for a full day at work follow with a girls date at the mall and I walk and never complain. I got them at Marshalls, one my favorite places to find cute brand shoes at a affordable price. They are original Kenneth Cole pil-age boots.

PERFUME: I always forget to wear perfume, I normally keep them in my car because I’m always on a rush. Victoria secret has the perfect perfume set in the most perfect size to keep in your purse. My boyfriends mom got it for me and it comes with about 7 small bottles of their perfumes.


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