Cardboard Window Display

Hello Hello. Hope you guys are having a good month. As you guys know one of passion is window dressing. Many of us think of window dressing as mannequins with cute outfits, but in reality it involves more than that. As a Retail Merchandising Student I have to take two visual merchandising classes and this term was my last visual course. As part of our class we had the opportunity to put hands-on a real window display project. We had the amazing opportunity to work for Pointe Orlando, a touristic shopping center in Orlando, Florida.

Our assignment was to create a window display representing the theme given by the visual department of the mall. My group theme was dinning. We needed to represent the dinning part of the shopping center all in cardboard.

At first, we were very stressed about the idea of having to use just cardboard for a window display, but with a group of four, many ideas are involve. We only had three days to put a dinning window display made of cardboard together. Yeah very stressful.

Here is the result. Hope you guys like it. 🙂

Trish ❤







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