Last week I was lucky to be part of the audience of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami, Florida. Fashion shows is one my favorite events to attend. At first when I received the email with the invitation I couldn’t believe it. I’ve attended fashion shows before and even volunteer but I never thought at this very beginning of my career I would be able to attend an event this big. I packed my bags and headed to Miami. When I first arrived there I was so nervous, many thoughts in my head. “What if it was a mistake? What if I’m not on the list? Is this a dream?” Yes I was on the list. No it wasn’t a mistake. Yes it’s a dream come true. I felt famous for a day. As cheese as it sound.
Amazing music, unique styles, color, nice weather, photographers everywhere, models, designers, bloggers, writers, ART everywhere!!!!!!
Everything was super organize. Lights down, music on, lights back on, show time !!
Sauvage, Zingara, Naila, A.che, Aguaclara, Aquarela and Caitlin Kelly were the designers I had the privilege to see.
After the shows I was so inspired. All I was thinking” I want to be able to attend shows like this for the rest of my life” ” I’m in the right field ” ” I was born for this”.
In conclusion, this was an amazing experience for me. I came back home motivated, ready to continue with school, excited to be able to graduate soon and be able to just focus on my career. Sometimes we just need this lucky moments in life to be able to wide open our eyes and to be sure that this how I picture my future to be like.

Peace & love.
Trish. ❤

More pictures of the shows coming soon.


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